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Financial highlights 

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ASN jrvrslg 2002 eng
ASN jrvrslg 2002 eng
... adidas-salomon (germany) 21 example 2 carrefour (france) 21 we apply strict investment criteria 22 highlights of the year sustainable growth in the midst of stagnation trend in the key figures ... , in addition to the annual report, this detailed annual review that includes the bank's financial highlights and also the background to the bank for the world of tomorrow'. ewoud goudswaard managing ...

... supervisory board is followed by the report of the management board and a review of financial highlights. the third part is the full annual accounts. the appendix to the report covers ... ruling agreed with the dutch tax authori- ties no dividend tax will be withheld. general financial highlights asn aandelenfonds year total total total- return1 dividend number net asset price at income2 expenses ...  meer van deze site

Teb Nv 2001 3435
... , which is a characteristic feature group policy. teb economy bank in brief financial highlights key figures (euro) net profit profit before tax and provisions total assets ... financial instruments a financial instrument is any contract that gives rise to both a financial asset of one enterprise and a financial liability or equity instrument of another enterprise. the fair value of a financial ...

Teb N.V. Kapak 2000
... expenses 115.68 55.42 net profit per staff (euro) 296,564 64,500 financial highlights the economy bank n.v. van heuven goedhartlaan 9 1181 le amstelveen the netherlands ... financial instruments a financial instrument is any contract that gives rise to both a financial asset of one enterprise and a financial liability or equity instrument of another enterprise. the fair value of a financial ...  meer van deze site

Microsoft Word - Final Report Chindia.doc
... financial system. comparing the banking systems of the two countries, india shows a far better and healthier financial system, based on factors regarded as essential to a healthy financial ... banking and financial services and the transparency of financial institutions. emerging market analysis multilateral organisations may 200616 chapter 4 international relations this chapter highlights developments ...

... verder als het aardgas in slochteren opraakt? 7 grootste wereldspelers in zonne-energie 8 nederlandse highlights in duurzaam (ver)bouwen 9 innovaties in duurzaam bouwen 10 sectoren in stress 12 gevoelig ... banker clean tech willem.rol postbus 283 1000 ea amsterdam willem beekman financial engineer willem.beekman postbus 3171 3502 gd utrecht astrid van arum sector ...  meer van deze site

Microsoft Word - cpbdoc104
... the analytical framework, in which the worldscan model features prominently. subsequently the various highlights of the lisbon strategy pass in review employment in chapter 4, human capital ... matching labour mobility capital market size internal market services, network industries cost of capital financial services markets innovation ict information society r d, knowledge spillovers r d target ...

Microsoft Word - cpbdoc210.doc
... to any type of risk that threatens the functioning of the financial system as a whole. in a narrower sense, it highlights the inherent fragility of banks and the effect that a ... series of papers and 2004) develop a liquidity-based approach to understanding financial crises. when financial markets are incomplete, financial institutions may be forced to sell assets if they face a liquidity shock ...  meer van deze site

A Billion to Gain tcm7 104604 pdf
... investment goals of the donor or investor. the growth of debt financing available to mfis highlights the increased perceived value and awareness of investors in the microfinance sector. ...but the ... .2 listed below are many of the non-financial services offered by mfis. non-financial services 3 education and awareness (e.g. financial education and literacy) asset building (e.g. retirement ...

Annual Report Triodos-E 2010.indd
... highlights the importance of permanent education for executive board members and supervisory board members of banks to ensure that they remain permanently informed about the latest developments in the financial ... and review of the development of triodos bank's operations while fulfilling its mission. highlights 2010 2010 continued to be a difficult economic year for many european countries, and ...

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