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... of increase going to the oecd countries. not surprisingly, about three-fourths of developing asia's increase in oil consumption was concentrated in china and india. both countries have extremely high oil ... on the exports of the countries in the region, and therefore, on the growth of the countries themselves. this will, in turn, influence chinese exports to these countries. secondly, there is the ...

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... - ing companies but threatens growth substantially. gdp growth slowed across europe, with several countries, including germany, falling into recession. deceleration was especially pronounced in the netherlands, which ... establishing similar limits and associated sub-limits per product group for banks in non-oecd countries. in terms of corporate exposure and our efforts to mitigate related risks, our ...

... through various structures in the mediterranean basin, selected countries in cis and in the black sea basin, as well as selected countries in asia and north and latin america. breakdown ... history. teb nv has established separate policies for financial institutions in developed economies, non-oecd countries and turkish institutions. these include maximum limits for each rating group, based either on ...
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... common strategies in this area. inputs from experts from different countries give an overview of the situation in these countries highlighting some of the specific pro- blems and challenges. the ... that informed consumers help to avoid the predatory practices of uns- crupulous financial firms. in oecd countries there is an increased emphasis of governments on the importance of financial edu- cation. ...

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... not means-tested. according to a study by the oecd, the netherlands grants generous unemployment benefits in comparison to other countries. moreover, the maximum benefit duration is relatively long. once ... international comparison confirms that the housing market is one of the most inelastic within the oecd countries. this results in a limited housing stock and hardly any vacancies. demand side state ...

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... of structural unemployment estimating a time varying nairu across 21 oecd countries, economics department working paper 250, oecd. rowthorn, r., 1999, unemployment, wage bargaining and capital-labour ... wage resistance and unemployment multivariate analysis of cointegration relations in 10 oecd countries, jobs study 10, oecd. 34 appendix a derivation of the wage equation the generalised nash ...

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... het structureel te behalen tempo van economische groei. 3 oecd, do tax structures affect aggregate economic growth? emperical evidence from a panel of oecd countries, working papers no. verhoging van de belastingheffing op ...

How Large was the Credit Crunch in the OECD?
... growth of real gdp usa oecd minus usa source authors' own calculations based on oecd national accounts statistics. states, closely followed by the rest of the oecd countries, experienced large negative ... effects for developed countries. in comparison, we focus on the impact of the recent crisis on the oecd countries. braun and larrain (2005) comprise a panel of about hundred countries spanning ...

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... of the most democratic and stable countries in africa. it is, however, also one of the poorest countries in the world with 36% ... on the designation and certification of projects situated in developing countries and which are in the interests of food security or ... . developing country a country on the dac list of the oecd (organisation for economic cooperation and development); e. project manager person ...

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... of countries by the security council for violating human rights, direct involvement in violations of human rights or sanctioning such violations, non-compliance with ilo and oecd guidelines. ... point for selecting countries for fixed- income investments (government bonds) is that they belong to the oecd (organisation for economic co-operation and development). the countries are classified by ...
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