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... india is the government deficit. the general government deficit for the fiscal year 2004 2005 was 7.5%, while public debt stood at about 86% of gdp. because of the sizeable government deficit, ... investments. since the required funding can not be raised by the government alone, due to budget constraints, the government is seeking the participation of the private sector. while public-private ...

TEB NV FR 05.fh9
... in horticulture. the volume of government consumption in the third quarterwas1.3%higherthaninq3,2004.after18months of reduced expenditure, the dutch government again spent more on general public services. real expenditure ... in 2005 than increase in rates of consumption taxes and government services was also smaller than in 2004. forecast the general government deficit is likely to be around 1% of ...

... medium-term anti-inflationary policy. the financial markets reacted positively. the returns on long-term government bonds fell, corresponding to the increase of interest rates and decreasing inflation expectations. in ... etc.). the budget target is a primary surplus of 2.2% of gnp at the general government level, which is consistent with the program and is achievable. salary increases in the public ...

... the strongest economic upturn since the boom year of 2000. according to provisional calculations, general government net borrowing amounted to eur 46.5 billion in 2006;when put in relation ... consolidation all branches of gbi are consolidated in these financial statements. significant accounting policies general assets and liabilities are stated at nominal value,unless otherwise stated below. foreign ...  meer van deze site

Flexibility, Dualism and the Great Recession
... populations and migration to welfare policy response of paying social transfers out of general government revenues create huge moral hazard problems. example of the ever increasing stw (cassa integrazione ... populations and migration to welfare policy response of paying social transfers out of general government revenues create huge moral hazard problems. example of the ever increasing stw (cassa ...

... . in the case of infrastructure the same procedure is followed. the difference with general government and education is that this expenditure item consists only of an investment component2 ( ... a flat age profile is assumed. thus a flat age profile is assumed for general government, defence, infrastructure, transfers to corporations, international cooperation and non tax revenues. for earlier ...  meer van deze site

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... securities. for this purpose a governmental authority is any de facto or de jure government (or agency or instrumentality thereof, court, tribunal, administrative or other governmental authority) or ... 620531 other securities code not applicable indication of yield not applicable amendments to general conditions or product conditions none amendments to the offering procedure for the securities ...

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blob.aspx?id 11601
... n u a l r e p o r t general manager's report general inthepastyearthefund'snetassetshaverisen netassetvalueofeachunitedgedupfromeur 5.00toeur5.30(up0.6%). ... - tions requiredforthedevelopmentofmfis. local currency guarantee fund fmo,afinancecompanyestablishedbythe government,whichholdsmostofitsshares,has takentheinitiativetoestablishafund.amongst otherthings,thisfundseekstoprovideguarantees ...

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blob.aspx?id 12703
... consumption of energy and paper. the hague, 21 august 2007 e.p. goudswaard (general manager) j.e. jansen (director) asnbankfortheworldoftomorrow savingsandinvestmentsatasnbank asn bank offers its customers various ... community organi- sations; the businesses and projects into which invest- ments are channelled; government; the bank's suppliers. dialogue occurs directly through contact with the bank's ...  meer van deze site

Base Prospectus JPM Combined Programme 2007_final_.doc
Base Prospectus JPM Combined Programme 2007_final_.doc
... general security conditions). the guarantee and instruments issued by jpmcb are each not a deposit insured or guaranteed by the united states federal deposit insurance corporation ( fdic ) or any other government ... of its business and failure to do so may materially adversely affect its performance. government monetary policies and economic controls may have a significant adverse affect on jpmcb's ...

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