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Preferred banking 

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... geval nominale waarde terugontvangt. wilt u meer informatie? neem dan contact op met uw preferred banker of beleggingsadviseur. informeren over de karakteristieken van de note en adviseert u graag ... uiterlijk 29 februari uur nederlandse tijd). u kunt inschrijven via uw kantoor, via het preferred banking service center (0900-9219, lokaal tarief) of via internet bankieren. vervroegde sluiting van de ...

preferred banking vermogensbeheer oogvoordetoekomst professioneel beheer van uw vermogen passende beleggingsportefeuille volgens uw risicoprofiel heldere ... interessant. 4 beleggingsadviseur vrij belegbaar vermogen behoefte aan beleggings- of vermogensadvies, beleggingsadviseur aan uw preferred banking team toegevoegd. de beleggingsadviseur neemt geregeld contact na te gaan of uw portefeuille nog ...  meer van deze site

ABN AMRO Direct Kwartaal Sparen | Financieel: Sparen
ABN AMRO Direct Kwartaal Sparen | Financieel: Sparen
... beleggingen. vanaf een vermogen van boven de 50.000 euro valt u onder het bedieningsconcept preferred banking en hiermee beschikking over een vast contactpersoon voor al uw bankzaken. hoe openen? klant bent ...

... by the japa- nese financial world. the good bankers is a pioneer in ethical banking in japan and also founder of japan's first and largest sustainable-ethical investment ... this strongly improved corporate creditworthiness. low interest rates also depressed spreads, as institutional investors often preferred to invest in corporate bonds for that reason. asn aandelenfonds return and contributors to ...

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... the normal debt level of the company's market and industry. for convertible debt preferred stock, the voting powers (if any) attached to such shares convertible stock and how ... the belgian 2009 code on corporate governance. the company understands that the cbfa (belgian banking, finance and insurance commission) recommends that listed companies disclose relevant information about their corporate ...

... of a smooth-functioning foreign exchange market has been a major source of market confidence. banking sector reform and privatization are moving ahead at a pace exceeding expectations. in the ... pari passu, without any preference among themselves and (save for certain obligations required to be preferred by law) equally with all other outstanding unsecured (subject as afore- said) and unsubordinated ...

... ,seem tohavebenefitedfromaweakerlira,as theygrewby10percent in thesameperiod. asaresult,thecurrentaccountdeficitofusd10billionin2000turnedintoasurplusofusd3billionin2001. banking sector banking sector reform,and legislative amendments to support its implementation, ... by diversifying its scope of coverage and became the preferred service point in its niche markets. having multi-product relationships ...

UGBI jaarversl. 2000 binnenw.
... also cooperates in the treasury field. the ultimate goal is to be selected as the preferred service point by all of the bank's correspondents. ugbi bank decided to repay both ... took this decision considering the bank's diversified funding structure and the increasing retail banking and private banking deposits. in the first quarter of 2000, ugbi bank successfully completed a three-year ...  meer van deze site

Microsoft Word - discussion164.doc
... banking risk to come up with our preferred measures of risk. furthermore, most previous studies use panel models in which it is assumed that the effect of regulation and supervision on banking ... ., 1992. banking deregulation allocational consequence of re- laxing entry barriers. journal of banking and finance blum, j., 1999. do capital adequacy requirements reduce risks in banking? journal of banking ...

Microsoft Word - DP_voorblad_scale_def.doc
... (cf. triplett et al. 2004; diewert 2005). scale effects in network services like transport, banking, payment services, retail distribution and telecommunication are reasonably documented (e.g. schure et al. ... over all observations, the gsf model overestimates the x-efficiency in comparison to the preferred xevrts measure, while the xecrts indicator tends to underestimate it. the dea x-efficiency ...  meer van deze site

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