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... priority shareholder has fewer powers than previously and the powers taken away from the priority shareholder have been transferred to the supervisory board ( board ). in fact, the priority shareholder ...

ASN DRZ JaarvrsEng_04.indd
ASN DRZ JaarvrsEng_04.indd
... the bank invests in or other- wise has a relationship with, the shareholder and the staff of asn bank. finally, a good relation- ship ... time, a large number of the powers of the holder of the priority share were transfer- red to the supervisory board. similar changes will ... o r t 2 3 and staff, and among employees was a priority course relying on the efforts of all employees on this. following the ...  meer van deze site

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... other items on the agenda of shareholder meetings on a case-by-case. 9 part 2 shareholder proposals just as with the standard agenda items, all shareholder proposals will be determined on a ... proposals the company will normally vote against capital issuance proposals with pre-emptive rights and priority subscription periods which can represent more than 50% of the issued share capital and when ...

Teb Nv
... closed the year 2008 with a eur 150 million retail deposits balance. the main priority in 2009 will be focus on automation of processes and establishing excellence in ... financing. therefore, teb nv examines the financial needs in every credit proposal thoroughly, including shareholder structure, integrity of management, historical information, trade cycle, financials and rating and finally, the ...

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... though not exclusive, focus on trade finance and related lending, credit risk management is top priority. credit risk is any exposure to counterparts as a result of lending, managing director ... .therefore,teb nv examines their financial needs in every credit package in detail, including shareholder struc- ture, integrity of management, background check, trade cycle bal- ance sheet, financials and ...  meer van deze site

binnenwerk ATbank.indd
... reserve net profit 30,220,759 35,286,930 total shareholder's equity 223,192,375 192,760,848 total liabilities and shareholder's equity 2,921,284,391 2,884,861 ... clients and counterparties. reputation and compliance risk to minimize reputation risk the bank assigns high priority to meeting integrity compliance re- quirements in relation to client acceptance procedures and transparency of ...

... not have been done without our dedicated staff, our faithful clients and our sup- portive shareholder. the board of managing directors wishes to thank them all and, together with these ... december 31, 2007 reputation and compliance risk to minimize reputation risk the bank gives high priority to fulfill the integrity compliance require- ments in relation to the client acceptance procedures ...  meer van deze site

03/8139_Jaarverslag binnen 2002
... consolidated primary surplus of 6.5 percent is agreed to be a priority target. during the first 10 months of the year,external balances remained ... . incorporated in turkey.the bank works in close cooperation with its 100 percent shareholder tuerkiye garanti bankasi a.s,. thebankismainlyactiveininternationaltradefinance,retailbankingandtreasuryandinvestment services. economic environment the financial ...

... of this increase will come from our german operations. ugbi bank continued to give high priority to staff development. the bank completed the establishment of an international expatriate program both ... bankasi a.s. incorporated in turkey. the bank works in close co-operation with its shareholder. basis of presentation the financial statements for this financial year were prepared in accordance with ...  meer van deze site

00/research memorandum Can we a [PFP#1092373775]
... within generations. dc schemes are particularly attractive if society does not attach a high priority to (intra- and intergenerational) redistribution and risksharing. two factors determine how important labor-supply ... market is rather competitive. the same holds true for the capital market as the shareholder view of the firm dominates the stakeholder-view (see gelauff and den broeder (1996)). ...

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